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Share your Novena experience and the intercession of Saint Gianna in your life as it may inspire others and bring them closer and deepen one’s relationship with our God.

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Eloina Cleodoro

How could it be? Even the physician wondered, and asked Eloina to step outside for a while and return so that the blood pressure could be checked a second time. The results were consistent; everything was mysteriously fine. As a result, all medication was discontinued, and Eloina found herself healthy – spiritually, emotionally and now, physically – for the first time in several months. Eloina felt that she had experienced a miracle.

“…there is always a reason for happiness and for suffering, although it may not make sense right away”, eventually a true path becomes clear, and we are called to follow it.” Every day is an opportunity to witness to the intercessory work of a contemporary saint that Eloina feels she has come to know personally. “I have an ally in Saint Gianna.”

Mary Ann Garcia

(Having three members of her family experience serious life-threatening issues): The experience of the last seven months has been incredibly overwhelming, and the family is still trying to make sense of it all. Mary Ann recognizes that the positive outcome of each family member’s health is indeed a miracle. However she quickly adds, “There were lots of miracles – big miracles… We knew everyone was praying for us, and although I was tired and not getting much sleep, knowing of the continuous prayers being prayed for us gave me the energy to keep going.”

One cannot come through such an ordeal without being changed by it, and Mary Ann openly speaks of the transformation she has experienced as a result. Her faith has certainly been reaffirmed, as has her belief in the intercession of St. Gianna. “I feel like I want to know her even more now, and I know that all I have to do is ask for her intercession and believe.”

Henri & Marie Fungo

“…saddened by the loss (of their unborn child), and coping with the miscarriage was extremely difficult. Over the next four years, in spite of their great desire to start a family, they were unable to conceive… After several months of prayer through St. Gianna, Henri and Marie joyfully discovered that they had conceived a child! They were ecstatic and felt really blessed. Marie continued praying to God through St. Gianna, asking for strength and a healthy pregnancy. The day came when their “miracle” arrived: On Sunday, November 15, 2015, a happy, healthy baby girl was born.

André & Marie Brunet

“…married in 2003, it became apparent that fertility issues were hindering their ability to conceive a child… Having declined the option to pursue In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), André and Marie turned their attention to the possibility of adopting a child… they became aware of St. Gianna Beretta Molla (while participating in a ministry meeting in 2009) at which Marie was given a copy of a DVD for her consideration as a resource for marriage prep. The title of the DVD was Love is a Choice, the biography of St. Gianna… in 2012, they received the news that the birth mother had indeed decided to keep her child.

There would be no adoption… Months later, the couple was made aware of NaProTechnology – a fertility-care based medical approach developed by a Catholic physician. …NaProTechnology works cooperatively with the procreative and gynecologic systems… and was developed on the values and teachings of their Catholic faith… After only one cycle of intervention to support an overall improvement to Marie’s long-term health, something incredible happened… Marie tested positive for pregnancy! “I told André that it wasn’t possible… but lo and behold she really was pregnant!! “We immediately told everybody that I was pregnant! It was a miracle, and we needed them to continue praying for us.” Marie delivered a healthy baby girl on September 18, 2013. They named her Emmanuelle Gianna. “There is no greater way to know that God is indeed with us!”