Dedicated to
Saint Gianna

Every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., participants gather from throughout the Archdiocese of Winnipeg and beyond to participate in the Novena Mass dedicated to Saint Gianna.

Within the celebration of the liturgy, the first class relic of St. Gianna is accessible to each participant for a moment of individual prayer and reflection. Many prayers and needs have been answered through the intercession of our patroness, who continues to be a source of consolation and hope.

A Novena may also be requested for special intentions. A card will be created bearing your prayer intentions and will be placed on the altar to be prayed for over the next nine consecutive Tuesday Novena liturgies. Prayers may also be written on the blank cards provided within the Shrine and placed on the wall behind the sculpture of Saint Gianna to remain there for the week or for nine weeks of a novena if indicated.

Request A Novena