Prayer Shawl Ministry Donations

St. Gianna’s Prayer Shawl Ministry

Each week, members of this ministry gather together to prayerfully create beautiful shawls to be given to those who are in need of a ‘spiritual hug’ of prayers and love as they face challenges of mind, body or spirit.

The wool used to create the shawls does not come cheap and has often been paid for by the ministry members themselves.  However, with the growing demand for prayer shawls, a financial burden is soon to become problematic.

Today, we are inviting financial donations to the Prayer Shawl Ministry for the purchase of wool yarn.  As always, donations will be included in the annual tax receipting process.

Thank you to the members of this important and most unique ministry.  Thank you to all who can support this ongoing ministry of prayer, love and support.

Thank you for being a part of something great!

click:  Donate to this Ministry for the purchase of wool yarn