Heart Urn Incentive

At a time when the secular world offers numerous options of what to do with cremated remains, including scattering or keeping them at home, Living Waters Columbarium offers a reverent alternative rooted in the traditions of our Catholic faith. Living Waters Columbarium ensures entombment in a living, praying community of faith, where the beloved dead are perpetually remembered in prayer as they continue to give Christian Witness to the world even in death.

This February, as we celebrate the Feast of St. Valentine and the Month of Love, Living Waters Columbarium is pleased to once again feature the “Heart Companion Urn Incentive” with the purchase of each double niche. A value saving of $330.00.

The heart-shaped, marble cultured urn conveys the symbol of love when it is fit together, as it is ultimately, two individual tear drops when standing separate. The “Heart Companion Urn” can be ordered in a variety of colours to fully personalize your entombment wishes. For more information, please contact Donna at 431-275-2500 or [email protected]