Living Waters Columbarium is the first of its kind in Canada.

Introduction Video

A Place of Christian Witness

“So whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s”
                                                                    – Romans 14:8

Entombment in Living Waters Columbarium allows our Christian Witness to continue to live on.  In our Christian Tradition, a place of entombment or burial is not merely a place to remember a past life that once was lived, but rather it is a place for proclaiming a new life that has now been embraced. 

Living Waters Columbarium, uniquely located below the waters of baptism, reminds us that in baptism we have already died in Christ Jesus, and the great promise of eternal life will be fully realized in heaven.  Death has become the gateway to the bright promise of eternal life.  From the columbarium, our deceased family and friends point the way to that place where life is changed and not ended.

Through the encounter with this faith-filled environment, the ongoing presence of the community’s prayer as well as the rituals celebrated, the power of Christ’s Resurrection is proclaimed as the great distance between heaven and earth is overcome.