Memorial Opportunities

Options to commemorate the beloved deceased, now present in mystery, ensure that those who have gone before us are remembered within various celebrations, events and actions throughout the year.

The Beloved Dead

The beloved dead entombed and memorialized in the columbarium are remembered in a special way within the Eucharistic celebration at St. Gianna’s Church on the first Sunday of every month. The deceased are also remembered within the celebration of the Feast of All Souls and throughout the month of November, the month during which we celebrate our beloved dead. 40th day anniversaries are also remembered within the columbarium. Opportunities for special remembrances are also possible at Christmas and Easter. These are shared seasonally.

Throughout the year, the beloved dead in the columbarium can be remembered and celebrated through our floral tributes, 7-day vigil candles and mass requests.

7-Day Vigil Candles

Living Waters Columbarium is pleased to offer vigil candles in memory of the beloved deceased entombed or memorialized in the columbarium. The candles burn for 7 days, holding vigil for our beloved deceased.In the lighting of candles, our prayers become symbols of the One Light of Christ. They rise up to Heaven day and night, in the presence of our beloved deceased, whom we know and love in mystery. Each vigil candle is accompanied by a photo of the deceased for whom it is lit.

Light a 7-day Vigil Candle

Memorial Flowers

Our memorial flowers are arranged in vases, and come in a variety of flower types and sizes. The arrangement, along with a photo of the deceased, is placed on a table near the niche of the deceased.

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Niche Door Flowers

Living Waters Columbarium is pleased to introduce a year-long floral program to commemorate the days you hold dear with your beloved deceased. A variety of individual flowers with greens will be placed on your loved one’s niche door to mark the special days and anniversaries you wish to commemorate. Packages include the seasonal maintenance, care and mounting of specially designed niche vases, as well as the ordering, delivery and care of a different flower with greens on each of your selected dates.

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