The Sculpture

(Artist rendering)

Sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary for St. Gianna’s Parish

With the designated funds raised especially for this project, we have proceeded to commission the long awaited sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Originally, it was thought that a full statue similar to that of St. Gianna would be the ideal representation.  After additional work with the artist and revisiting the location for the art work, it has been decided that it is best to go with a sculpture relief affixed to the wall rather than a free standing statue.

A sculpture relief will be more conducive to the space bringing new possibilities in design and presentation along with a votive candle opportunity like that in the chapel of St. Gianna.  The revisions to the design will ensure that the cost of the commission will be within the total monies raised ($84,000 USD) and dedicated for this project.

The sculpture is anticipated to be completed and installed by the fall.  Donations will continue to be accepted to help cover the cost of additional accent lighting as well as the purchase of votive candle stands.

Thanks to all who have given so generously to make this project possible and who have patiently waited for this day.  Thank you to all who have once again been a part of something great!


The artist for this commission is American artist John Collier, who is responsible for the Statue of St. Gianna and the Burning Bush (Tabernacle) that are now a part of St. Gianna’s sacred art.

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