Parish Bulletin Board

For the Week of September 12, 2021
Under the current Manitoba gathering protocols, we have returned to all in-person Sunday Liturgies.  All registered parishioners are invited to sign-up each week in order to attend one of the Sunday Liturgies.  Limited space available per liturgy will mean a first sign-up basis.  Mask wearing and physical distancing will continue to be mandatory for all who attend.  Please be assured that Fr. Darrin and all of our parish staff have been fully vaccinated for your protection.
Visitors that are interested in attending a Sunday liturgy can make a request to attend and may receive a link to a Sunday Mass sign-up.  click:  Visitor Request to Attend Sunday Mass
Weekday liturgies have resumed with in-person participation Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:00AM.  Since the weekday liturgies usually gather less than our current physically-distanced limit, there is no need to register.  Please arrive by 9:50AM as all participants are required to complete the necessary screening protocols and access to the worship space will be closed once the liturgy begins.
Last Sunday, Baby Angelo was baptized into the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Registered families interested in the celebration of Sacraments should contact the parish office.
We are now prepared to begin the reopening of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel under the current COVID-19 Protocols and Conditions.  The first phase of reopening the Adoration Chapel will begin with access to the Chapel during current office hours only: Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Due to the confined nature of the Chapel, all those who wish to enter the Chapel should be fully vaccinated, wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.  The Adoration Chapel will be limited to three adorers at any one time.
In addition, the Shrine of St. Gianna will also be available for those who wish to pray before the statue of St. Gianna and light a votive candle.
Living Water Columbarium is also now available to accept visitors during current office hours, as well as before and after Sunday Liturgies for those who signed-up to attend the Mass.
The weekly communal praying of the rosary will resume this coming Tuesday, September 14th at 1:30PM in the Worship Space.  All who wish to participate will be required to wear a mask as well as maintain physical distancing.
Regarding Pastoral Visits with anointing and communion from Fr. Darrin.
During these many months of pandemic, many of our parishioners have experienced health challenges, some resulting in the need for intensive medical interventions.  Many continue to struggle to regain full and complete health.
COVID-19 restrictions now allows for home visitation to occur.  I have been fully vaccinated and have received my vaccination card.  Therefore, any of our parishioners who would appreciate a pastoral visit from me are invited to make a request for a visit.
I am more than pleased to make a pastoral visit and I am eager to reconnect after such a very long time of separation.  If you are experiencing a period of illness,  please let me know so I can be your pastor for you.
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September 8 – September 12, 2021
Wednesday, September 15 – Memorial: Our Lady of Sorrows
10:00 AM Liturgy: in-person, no sign-up required
For Mark Sebastian Real +,
Requested by Evangeline Andico
Friday, September 17 – Ferial
10:00 AM Liturgy: in-person, no sign-up required
For Erlinda Aguilar +,
Requested by The Bautista Family
Saturday, September 18 – Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
4:30 PM Liturgy: registered parishioner sign-up only
For Jimmy Ong +,
Requested by Evangeline Andico
Sunday, September 19 – Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:00 AM Liturgy: registered parishioner sign-up only
For Fern Marion +,
Requested by our Knights of Columbus
11:00 AM Liturgy: registered parishioner sign-up only
For All Parishioners,
Requested by Fr. Darrin
In keeping with the Archdiocesan Offices, our parish office will continue to remain closed to in-person visits.  Our parish staff will continue to work remotely from home.
In the event of a hospital emergency or the death of a loved one, please call the parish office at 204-488-3977, follow the prompts, choose ‘3’ and please leave a voice message.
For columbarium needs, please call Living Waters Columbarium direct at 431-275-2500.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make our way through these challenging days.

Thank you for your continued support to me as your pastor and to the mission and ministry we do at St. Gianna’s, as we live through these days of pandemic. Your ongoing participation in our liturgies, continued financial support and desired membership is such an affirmative and visual witness.  

      – Fr. Darrin

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