The Statue

(Artist rendering)

Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary for St. Gianna’s Parish

The bronze statue will depict a young Mary at the same moment of pregnancy as Gianna.  Mary, who at this moment in her life is betrothed, but not yet married to Joseph, finds her life in potential jeopardy as a woman pregnant, but not yet married.  The presence of the apple in the serpent’s mouth shows the power of temptation that Mary must face as she strives to be faithful to God who has chosen her to be the mother of his Son.  The positioning of the statue in the worship space places Mary and Gianna in conversation with one another, as they embrace their faith to always do God’s will.

The artist chosen for this commission is American artist John Collier, who is responsible for the Statue of St. Gianna and the Burning Bush (Tabernacle) that are now a part of St. Gianna’s sacred art.

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