Updated – Nov.20/20

Enquiries may be submitted to:
[email protected]

Enquiries will be addressed at the next Finance Council Meeting and will receive a response thereafter.


I am concerned that our parish is still running significant deficits even though most parishioners have continued to financially support the church despite 1)The church is having very few masses or activities.  2)The church appears to be receiving some wage subsidies.
If we were a household we would have to cut back on our expenses.  If we were a business we would look at decreasing our expenses; wages and other expenses.  Have we been looking at budgeting and decreasing our expenses?  How much longer can we run deficits without causing harm or loosing our church?

Thank you for your enquiry.  Questions such as these are natural and to be expected in times like these.  Although COVID-19 has forced us to change how we do what we do, our liturgical and sacramental life continues to be fully active; Weekday and Sunday Masses, Sacramental celebrations including Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals as well as faith formation and more.  Many of our expenses are fixed and cannot be revised but all other expenses are being closely reviewed, managed with due care and in accordance with archdiocese guidelines.  These non-fixed costs are, in fact, significantly down from last year even though there have been some net new costs due to COVID.  Prior to the pandemic, we had been in the planning stages of an approach to improve our financial health.  Of course, all such plans have been deferred until this pandemic has passed.  We appreciate your support to date and look forward to working together in the future.