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G.I.F.T. (Growing In Faith Together) is a family faith formation journey which brings parents and children together to learn, live and love with and in Christ.  This year, the catechetical process will be modified to allow for the health and safety of all families, catechists and ministers.

Children will be given a lesson plan specifically crafted by their catechists at the beginning of each month to work on, at home, at their own pace during the month.  During the last week of the month, the children will come together virtually for a period of 45 minutes, along with their catechists for a time of discussion, questions and answers, activities and prayer that reinforce that month’s theme. Parents will also have an opportunity to come together virtually with Father Darrin for a learning opportunity of their own. 
On the last Sunday of the month, we invite all the families to a special celebration of the mass in which the theme of the month will be explored more deeply.
Through this process, we hope that families will come to a fuller and richer experience of the presence of God in their lives and grow in their mission of being Christ’s disciples in our world.

For more information, please contact Rachel at [email protected].

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