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With the proposed timelines for reopening various public services, established by the Manitoba Government, and in keeping with the evolving social/physical distancing protocols, we have begun to reintroduce participants to the celebration of the liturgies.


In short, yes.  In accordance with Public Health Orders, protocols have been implemented at St. Gianna’s Sunday liturgies in order to keep each other as safe as possible.  Once your participation has been scheduled for a Sunday liturgy, this is what you can expect at your assigned date and time:

Upon arrival, you will be asked to:

In addition, we have also implemented the following procedures:

  • High contact surfaces (door handles, buttons, etc.) are regularly disinfected
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available upon entry and exit
  • Individual seating is physically distanced by at least 2 meters
  • Parishioners instructed to make a bow to each other at the Sign of Peace
  • The presider will sanitize hands again and wear a face covering to distribute the Eucharist to parishioners at their seats, (the Blood of Christ will not be shared at this time).
  • One entrance (South Side only)

All protocols are in keeping with those set by the Province of Manitoba and the Archdiocese of Winnipeg.

* Please ensure that all members of the same household arrive together and at least 10 minutes beforehand in order to ensure that the necessary protocols are fulfilled.

click:  Participation at Sunday Mass – Request Form

Weekday Liturgies: 10:00AM on Wednesdays and Fridays
OPEN to everyone, currently there is no waiting list for the weekday liturgies.  Please arrive on the Wednesday or Friday at least 10 minutes beforehand (9:50AM) so the necessary protocols can be fulfilled.