Month of the Dead

November – A Time to Remember our Beloved Dead

The Month of November is a time dedicated to remembering and praying for our beloved dead in a special way. During this time, we are invited to remember that in death, ‘life is changed not ended” both for the one who had died as well as for those who mourn. November gives us the opportunity to shatter the distance that death seems to create, in order to experience the continuation of the bond of love that will forever remain. In this month of November, take time to draw close to your beloved dead:

 + Add their name(s) to our Vessel of Remembrance

 + Request a Mass to be celebrated marking their date of birth or date of death 

 + Visit their place of entombment or burial

If they were cremated at the time of death, but not yet buried or entombed, learn more about the November entombment opportunity in Living Waters Columbarium.