Grain of Wheat Fund

The Grain of Wheat Fund is an opportunity to support charitable efforts locally and beyond, in memory of the beloved dead within the columbarium and beyond. The fund is comprised of donations, as well as a portion of the columbarium’s annual income. Each year a group or organization is selected to receive the Sowing Seeds Award, a monetary gift generated through the Grain of Wheat Fund. The gift is made annually in November, the month during which we remember our beloved dead.

Enrol Your Beloved Deceased in the Grain of Wheat Legacy

The Grain of Wheat Fund serves as a memorial for the beloved dead. The names of the enrolled are inscribed on the Grain of Wheat Legacy Banner on the columbarium’s website, and additional donations can be made on an ongoing basis. The deceased are remembered annually within the celebration of the Sowing Seeds Award.

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Which Organizations Groups Qualify for the Sowing Seeds Award?

The recipient of the annual Sowing Seeds Award will be a group, individual or effort whose work or mission is to ‘transform the world by choosing unconditional love and sacrifice’. The award supports charitable works and actions that are associated to the lives of those entombed or memorialized in Living Waters Columbarium.

How will the Annual Recipient of the Sowing Seeds Award be selected?

Potential recipients can be nominated for the Sowing Seeds Award. Forms reflecting the required criteria are available on the Living Waters Columbarium website to be completed online. Paper forms are also available at Living Waters Columbarium. All forms will be reviewed by a selection committee. Nominate an Organization for the Sowing Seeds Award 2018:

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