NEW F.A.I.T.H. via TEXTs

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the encouraging words of Pope Francis; “In the call of the first disciples, with Jesus who went to encounter them and to invite them to follow him, we also see the invitation to use all media, in all their forms, to reach people as they are and where they live.”

We have reshaped our approach to family faith formation so that we might encounter our parishioners as they are and where they are: Faith Alive In The Home (F.A.I.T.H.).  This approach involves engaging our families to build up the Domestic Church, a term used to refer to growing a home faith environment, by directly sending the parents daily “faith moments” to their cell phones by text so that they can share and participate as a family anytime during their day.  These moments will be simple and doable even in the most busiest of lives, only taking a couple of minutes to complete.  We have chosen texting as the platform in order to keep the materials quickly accessible and spontaneous.  Our hope is that in the absence of a formal faith formation process, we may keep alive the flame of faith in the foundation of the family – the first church.  Open to all registered parishioner families.

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