Faith Alive In The Home

The home is the most important place by which religious faith and practice is transmitted. This is why The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls the home, the domestic church. When households practice faith at home, everyone can grow closer to God. We are proud to introduce “FAITH!Faith Alive In The Home” at St. Gianna’s Parish. FAITH! brings specially curated resources to your family so that you can keep the faith alive in your home. Each fun and interesting video, prayer, song, activity, ritual and gospel reading will help the entire family learn more about their faith and give them practical, fun and engaging ways to ‘do’ faith at home. These resources will be updated often to reflect the ongoing life of the church and special themes. They will be delivered in fun and interactive ways and they can be completed in about 5 minutes or less whenever and wherever you want – all you need is your computer, iPad or smartphone and internet access! What a great way to infuse faith in our everyday, busy lives!  Our hope is that FAITH! teaches, encourages, equips and empowers families so that their homes are more faith-filled, evangelizing and centred upon Jesus Christ. Click on our new FAITH! link below:

click:  FAITH! Faith Alive In The Home – EASTER