Annual Sowing Seeds Awards

Each year, families of the deceased enrolled in the Grain of Wheat Legacy Fund are invited to consider the particular passions and efforts of their deceased loved ones, and to nominate an organization or group that endeavours to transform the world through work that reflects those very passions. In this way, the deceased continue to be present, in mystery, through the transformative work they so passionately embraced during their earthly pilgrimage. Below are the award recipients since the inauguration of the celebration in 2017:

2019 Sowing Seeds Award Recipient:
House of Hesed (Winnipeg)

Since first opening their doors in 1998, House of Hesed has been home to more than 120 people. The mission of House of Hesed is to provide a home for persons living with HIV/AIDS, sharing mercy, hope, dignity, and peace. Consistent with the Christian perspective of caring for those in need regardless of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, House of Hesed provides a home-like setting promoting the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual quality of life of persons affected by HIV. The staff and volunteers at House of Hesed seek to provide the type of assistance and support that enables those who can to return to stable, independent living in the community. House of Hesed is committed to affirming the value of each person who resides within their home, and educate our community about HIV/AIDS to help dispel the stigma and fear surrounding those living with HIV, replacing it with a spirit of compassion. Visit


2018 Sowing Seeds Award Recipient:
The Missionaries of Charity (Winnipeg)

From their residence on Aikins Street, the Missionaries of Charity Winnipeg support many of our most vulnerable sisters and brothers. A religious congregation established in 1950 by Mother Teresa, canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta, on September 4, 2016, by Pope Francis. Members of the congregation adhere to the vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, and the fourth vow, to give wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor. Through the example of St. Teresa, the Missionaries of Charity “follow Jesus into the peripheries – to the margins of society where we find the poor and the prisoner, the immigrant and the refugee, the sick and the lonely.”(Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles; Sept.4, 2016)

2018 Grain of Wheat Award Recipient:
Peace of Mind Canada
– Celebrating the Legacy of Miguel Labossière

Peace of Mind Canada, originally Peace of Mind 204, is a youth-lead non-profit organization established by Loizza Aquino, in Winnipeg, after losing one her best friends to suicide. Her friend’s suicide was one of four high school student suicides to happen in the city within the timespan of a month. Peace of Mind, which has recently expanded to Ontario, is devoted to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health. Peace of Mind provides a safe space for youth to share their stories, experiences, and journeys in regards to mental health. This environment is created at Peace of Mind’s semi-annual events, Youth Against Mental Health & Illness Stigma (YAMHIS). Peace of Mind aims to empower and inspire youth to continue sharing their stories outside of these events by joining their online campaigns and by creating their own Peace of Mind groups within their schools. Visit


2017 Sowing Seeds Award Recipient: Villa Rosa

Founded in 1898 by the Misericordia Sisters, Villa Rosa is a prenatal and postnatal residence in Winnipeg, where young women can find shelter in their pregnancies. Villa Rosa serves some of the most vulnerable women in Manitoba, most of whom are single pregnant teenagers. By offering a safe place to live, nutritious meals, individual counselling, life skills, education, parenting programs and most importantly, unconditional love, Villa Rosa staff and volunteers journey with single mothers and their babies to provide a truly transformative experience: a life-giving alternative to abortion, the gift of hope and a strong foundation for future growth and development. Visit