Archbishop’s Appeal Update – Amen Sunday

On May 26th and 27th at our Sunday Liturgies, we formally launched our parish’s participation in the Archbishop’s Appeal: Sharing God’s Gifts. This annual appeal is in support of our Archdiocesan pastoral services which includes: youth ministry, social justice and community outreach, First Nations ministry, children’s faith formation, adult lay formation, university chaplaincy, the priest’s pension fund, and the formation/education of future Priests.

Once again this year, St. Gianna’s joins with all the other parishes in the Archdiocese of Winnipeg to ensure the continued pastoral ministry of the our Archdiocese. Our parish target has been set at $89,000. Gratefully, $75,000 has already been contributed with only $14,000 remaining to reach our goal. This amount was achieved through the participation of 116 households. Thank you to all those who have made this possible!

This past weekend we celebrated “Amen Sunday”, inviting all those who had not yet participated in the appeal, to offer a one-time gift toward this important endeavour. Our hope is for the greatest participation rate possible. In this way, our success can truly be the success of our entire parish and not simply something achieved by the response of only a few.

If you took your Amen Sunday form home, please return it with your next Sunday offering. If you have misplaced your original commitment form, additional forms are available at the Appeal Banner sign in the narthex or at the parish office. We would like to conclude this Appeal Effort by June 30th.

If we are not able to achieve our goal, then the shortfall must be made up from our normal operating budget, which as we all know is already fully extended. However, all monies that surpass our target are returned to the parish for our pastoral work. Last year, over $20,000 was refunded to our parish and made a significant difference in our parish’s overall financial wellbeing. 

Thank you for being a part of Something Great!