2018 Offertory Cards

New Offertory Cards for the New Liturgical Year – Pre-Authorized Remittance Program

We are pleased once again, to offer parishioners a series of personalized offertory cards for the new liturgical year for those participating in our Pre-authorized giving program. These cards can be placed in the Sunday offertory basket as a sign of your commitment to share your gift, as well as a tangible witness of your participation in our pre-authorized giving program. These personalized cards bear your name as well as identify the date of each Sunday of the year. It is our hope that the personalized, pre-authorized offertory card will ensure that each Sunday, our gift is more personal and real, proudly bearing each of our names as the giver of each gift that we bring. The cards are available in the narthex, in alphabetical order by last name. Please pick them up as the new liturgical year has already begun.